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BSG [Mar. 20th, 2008|05:36 pm]
i seriously CANNOT WAIT for the new season of battlestar galactica. In celebration, i have been having a marathon up until its season premiere in April. Unfortunately, im going to be missing 2 or 3 episodes while i will be on vacation in Hong Kong/ China.

btw, hello friends. ive been busy so sorry for the lack of posting.


From: wtb1000
2008-03-21 04:23 am (UTC)

Bears...Beats...Battlestar Gallactica

Oooh I want to want in on a BSG marathon. Maybe if I watched BSG with you, you would in-turn watch the Office (which comes back in April also) with me? Just a thought. And hey, the two shows are related, when you consider Dwight from the Office is obsessed with BSG. (hence the quote in the title line)

And when were you leaving for vacation anyway?
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[User Picture]From: nitocris
2008-03-22 04:34 am (UTC)

Re: Bears...Beats...Battlestar Gallactica

yeah! we are overdue for some much needed bryan time. i only have the 2nd season though... though the first and third are out on dvd now.

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