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29 November
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Im not all that interesting. I like music- it inspires me but i don't play any instuments because i have not found any i have an inclination towards. Sometimes i wonder why i've been put on this earth. im beginning to think i must have multiple personalities. I want to be so many different people but they are just different versions of me.
8mm, a girl called eddy, aimee allen, aimee mann, air, alias, almost famous, american beauty, american psycho, amélie, angela's ashes, angry psychos, ani difranco, ayn rand, band aids, barry ween, batgirl, beautifulgarbage, beck, before sunrise, before sunset, bif naked, black, boots, butch vig, call me alice, clerks, collide, comic books, concerts, conjure one, courtney love, cynical people, damien rice, dead can dance, delerium, depressing books, depth, dreams, duke erikson, east of eden, eyes, farscape, fight club, fiona apple, firefly, free dominguez, friends, garbage, garden state, girl interrupted, goldfrapp, gothic industrial rock, grave of the fireflies, harleyquinn, harlow, hating high school, hole, house of leaves, i am x, industrial rock, inspiration, intelligence, iron chef, janeane garofalo, jude law, kevin smith, kidney thieves, kidneythieves, leather, lennon, lennon murphy, lenore, leon the professional, madonna, magnolia, margaret cho, massive attack, meeting bands, metric, mission uk, my neighbor totoro, my sassy girl, nina gordon, nocturne, norah jones, oasis, paul thomas anderson, pete yorn, pj harvey, poe, portishead, pretty pictures, psychology, pulp fiction, red delicious, ren and stimpy, rob zombie, rockstars, roman dirge, rufus wainright, run lola run, sad songs, sadistic humor, save ferris, schlinders list, scrubs, shirley manson, shows, sigur ros, smart boys, smashing pumpkins, sneaker pimps, sophya, stabbing westward, steve marker, suicide blond, survivor (not the show), sushi, switchblade symphony, sylvia plath, tador, tapping the vein, terra naomi, thai food, the collector, the curve, the fountainhead, the razor skyline, the start, the virgin suicides, thestart, this mortal coil, tofu, tofu products, tori amos, totoro, trenchcoats, vagina monologues, vampires, version 2.0, veruca salt, virgin suicides, vitasoy, waiting for god, x- files, xena, zero 7, zerospace