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oscars [Feb. 25th, 2008|03:14 pm]
i didn't watch most of the movies nominated for awards but i did see La Vie En Rose with Marion and Once with glen and marketa. I couldn't be happier that they all won because i was rooting for them. Plus, their speeches were great. Ive been a huge fan or Marion since taxi and i think you should watch love me if you dare.

The fact that Jon stewart brought Marketa back out so that she could say something was so classy and what she said was really beautiful. i didn't really like their perfomance simply because marketa's voice overpowered glen's at some points and the ending with the orchestra kinda ruined the song for me... i love the song because its so simple but the orchestra section with horns was too much.

check it out here-

Marion's Speech:

Glen and Marketa:


oh and why was diablo cody the only person that thanked her fellow nominees? i love her and she's classy.